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At Acquire Talent Consulting we are your key to unlocking potential.

Unlock ‘people potential’ and reveal the true possibilities of your business with on-demand talent acquisition. Successful business is built on happy teams, with every member pulling together for a common goal. That’s why the quality of every new hire is critical. We get to know your entire team to help us make the best possible matches. In fact, you’ll probably think we’re only working for you! Your personal recruitment consultant will become a dynamic, virtual member of your team, helping you drive success through your recruitment strategy.

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When choosing any product or service, one of the main considerations is always ‘how is this going to help my company?’ Acquire Talent Consulting will take the time to understand your culture, values and hiring goals, resulting in enormous short and long term benefits.

What we offer

People power is the beating heart of every successful business. Acquire Talent Consulting’s unique fee-for-service model offers you seven major people benefits – without the hefty price tag.

01. Pay as you go

Pay a flat hourly rate, typically 75% cheaper than a job recruitment agency. For this, you receive targeted and personalised service, paying only for what you need, when you need it. This places you firmly in control of costs. We always have your best interests at heart. With our business and reputation on the line, you are assured of premium service at an affordable price.

02. Outstanding candidates

Enjoy access to the highest quality candidates. Using decades of experience in human resources – along with cutting-edge software – we know exactly how to chase down and secure the best possible workers for your needs.

03. Tailored technology

Acquire Talent Consulting offers the only psychometric testing platform in the world that can be fully customised to suit internal recruitment needs. Great People Inside is more than just a testing tool for recruitment. It has a range of uses including benchmarking teams, identifying leadership skills and flagging health and wellbeing issues. Candidates can also use it to assess their suitability for different careers.

04. Rapid turnaround

Reap the benefit of fast turnaround and responsive recruitment services. Integrated hiring solutions mean quick and appropriate scale-up. This eliminates waste, saving you time and money.

05. Clear communications

Keep all your stakeholders and candidates securely in the loop. Strong communication helps the wheels of business turn smoothly. Recruitment is a team effort which – when well done – goes on building awesome teams.

06. High engagement

Experience personal interaction. We get to know what makes you tick and what marks you out as special. This collaborative process boosts engagement and worker satisfaction. Improved performance and productivity drive business growth. Everybody wins.

07. Better branding

Get the most out of your personal recruitment specialists. We become a brand ambassador for your business. Working as part of your team, we represent and promote your brand through the quality of our hiring and strategic advice.

So reach out – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Call (0400 099 957) – email (kerrie@acquiretalentconsulting.com.au) – message. Acquire Talent Consulting offers maximum return on investment in your talent acquisition.

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