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We help businesses reduce the cost & time in employing the best talent in the market

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Acquire Talent Consulting is a unique way to outsource your recruitment, with no commission and no strings. We wanted to give clients quality hiring solutions they can afford – a real alternative to agencies charging extortionate amounts of money for minimal services. So we listened closely to the concerns and demands of a growing number of business owners unhappy with traditional recruiting agencies, and created a refreshingly different hiring model.

Acquire Talent Consulting now offers clients what they really need but weren’t getting – premium recruitment services on demand. A talent acquisition specialist on hand to work as a seamless part of your team, just paid by the hour. Simple, transparent, affordable and highly effective. A ‘here when you need us, gone when you don’t’ kind of partner. But it’s not just a numbers game. We care deeply about the business interests of our clients. Because we are paid only for what we actually do, everything we deliver is spot-on. We are accountable, available and bespoke; and our clients just love this way of working.

We also believe in the human touch – listening to your concerns, caring about your business and sharing some fun as the work gets done. So, you won’t be standing on ceremony but on common ground. And possibly laughing a lot too (especially when you compare our invoices to your old recruitment agency ones). So why not sample a no-nonsense, no-strings, on-demand recruiting solution delivering the highest quality candidates at pleasingly low costs? You won’t look back.

Kerrie Driver

“We nurture relationships with clients and candidates through a consultative process, knowledge, ethics, professionalism and strong commitment to assembling world-class teams.”


Kerrie Driver

Kerrie Driver is the proud founder of Acquire Talent Consulting. As a highly experienced Recruitment Consultant and true HR industry all-rounder, Kerrie offers more than 30 years of experience in the hiring and talent management sector; both in Australia and overseas. She has worked extensively across a range of industries, including civil, construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, financial, engineering and FMCG.

Kerrie works intimately with clients and candidates to understand their needs, long term objectives, motivations and culture to create positive outcomes. It is this personal, hands-on approach that has ensured her success. Kerrie nurtures relationships with clients and candidates through her consultative process, knowledge, ethics, professionalism and her commitment to providing the first class service. She genuinely CARES about her clients and candidates and it’s evident in everything she does.

Passions outside the office? Kerrie is an avid sailor, racing high-performance catamarans with her husband at both State, National and World Championship level. She enjoys keeping fit, playing Netball and relaxing in the garden. Kerrie adores her 3 children who underpin her drive and determination.

Kerrie’s bright and bubbly personality makes working with her a breeze. She loves to have fun at work and enjoys building strong, long term, sustainable relationships. She says what she means and means what she says, following professional best practice in everything she does. Call 0400 099 957 or email kerrie@acquiretalentconsulting.com.au to find out more. She’s waiting, of course. She’s on-demand!

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