Increased demand

With the impacts of COVID 19 being felt not just here in Australia but across the globe, your business maybe one of the businesses who is currently facing an increase in demand. You may need to hire new staff quickly, but how can you hire new staff quickly to adapt to changes in demand on your business, but still ensure the quality of staff is in keeping with your companies high standards.

Why you really need an Independent recruitment consultant

With the markets in which we operate changing daily, it is important your business and staff are informed and keep on top of the latest changes to rules and regulations that may affect your organisation directly. Both yourself and your experienced employees can remain focused on their jobs, and the changing environment rather than seeking new hires, also reducing the impact on company productivity. The process of sorting through resumes, calling references, and conducting background checks are all time-consuming jobs.

An independent talent consultant can quickly and efficiently find you, talented people, because they are immersed in that marketplace. Our work is founded on a comprehensive, disciplined approach, using our high-calibre database, ensures we find suitable candidates who match above and beyond your technical requirements. Our ability to deliver diverse shortlists through a wide-ranging candidate network, enables us to respond with a rapid and deep understanding of your needs.

Remote Interviews

As we adjust and adapt to the new ways we now find ourselves working in, it is important to remember that while some may feel entirely comfortable online with a remote interview process, this may be quite a new concept for some candidates. The whole process might be something they are unfamiliar with and find uncomfortable. our experience gives us the tools to help candidates to feel relaxed and focused during an interview, so you don’t lose good candidates to online nerves. Even when there is the factor of time and pressure to get these new hires onboarded ASAP, it’s important to get to know potential hires hard skills and ability to perform their particular job, it’s equally important to determine the soft skills in potential hires to ensure they align with that of your organisation. The experience of an independent is in invaluable in these circumstances and even a quick simple chat about current affairs, or asking them about their hobbies etc will help determine if the candidate’s soft skills will be a suitable fit.

Remote Onboarding

Ensure your new hires are set up for success right from the start with a structured remote onboarding process.

  • Ensure your employees have the Technology they need and have support to fix issues as they arise.
  • Ensure your employees have access to the right communication tools and digital workflow/ task management platforms they need to do their role.
  • Ensure your employees have access to and complete with any online OHS and Role Requirement or Regulatory training modules online.
  • It is important any new hire employees are set clear deadlines and expectations around their time management, including details on performance goals and dates at which you expect them to achieve this.
  • Check-in with your new hires regularly and ensure they have access to colleagues and online support as they settle into their new role.

Our detailed approach to Remote Onboarding

All the evidence and statistics make it clear there is a vast array of benefits to any organisation when they have a great employee onboarding program in place for all new hires. Structured Onboarding can deliver increased productivity, it allows new employees to hit and exceed their performance targets and goals, and reduces voluntary separation numbers, with statistics showing onboarding programs improving retention by 82%.

Our three main aspects:


We identify and communicate the candidate’s strengths and areas of development to ensure transparency & visibility.


We prepare the candidate through our technique of training and development processes.


We support both the candidate and the organisation to achieve value-adding results.

Hiring an independent recruitment consultant offers better value for money for our clients, whilst ensuring only a high quality of staff will be hired in the most efficient amount of time.

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