An Independent Talent Acquisition Business Partner offers your business a flexible and cost-effective solution for all your staffing needs.

An independent consultant is dedicated to solving your specific recruitment challenges. Unlike a recruitment agency or in-house employee, they can deliver a personalised, hands-on service that is tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.

Personalised Client Experience

An independent talent consultant can quickly and efficiently find you, talented people, because they are immersed in that marketplace.

The consulting & recruitment journey doesn’t begin and end solely with finding talent and placing them in jobs. Our journey has far greater depths than this; as we are your outsourced talent business partner; we are a natural extension to your business and seamlessly transition in and out as required.

Personalised Candidate experience

In order to attract talent and keep them, employers need to offer a positive experience throughout the whole recruitment process. An Independent Consultant offers a quick, streamlined application process, with clear and realistic timelines communicated directly to the candidate, so expectations are managed from both sides.

A positive candidate experience equates to a positive employee experience, which can lead to improved company retention rates. Even unsuccessful candidates who have experienced a positive and personalised experience will be more likely to leave positive online reviews and other feedback, protecting your reputation and branding.

Typical Traditional Agency Fees

These figures are based on averages but will give you an idea of the costs you may expect to pay through a traditional recruitment agency. Although the actual figures will vary from Industry to industry and role to role, this will provide an average to compare against when looking into recruitment agency fees.

The standard % based recruitment fee charged to employers, is usually between 15-30% of a candidate’s salary package, in Australia average fees are usually around 15%. Some lower-level roles may attract fees closer to 10%, but at the other end of the scale, it’s not unusual for recruitment agencies to charge up to 30% for executive roles. The higher fee percentages represent additional time and hours required to recruit at senior levels. See the table below, it will give you a rough idea of the typical recruitment agency fees you could expect to pay when seeking new hires.

Independent Consultant Fees

Although fees may vary many Independent consultants offer a pick and choose service, which means you can hire them to run the whole process for you, or you can pick and choose parts that suit you, providing further cost savings. These coupled with our pay by the hour service and no placement commissions, really add up quickly to significant dollar savings for your company. This is where the personalised service of Acquire Talent Consulting benefits businesses and is tailor-made to their needs.

Cost Saving

The real savings are clear when you compare the cost of using an Independent Recruitment Consultant versus Typical Agency recruitment fees. Your own employees remain focused on their jobs rather than seeking new hires, which reduces the impact on company productivity.

It is not just the recruitment fees where you make savings, not only are you not responsible for paying a salary, superannuation, leave, and other benefits, but unseen cost savings such as office space, and technology are also made, so in the current economic conditions, it makes more sense than ever,

Hiring the RIGHT staff has never been more critical! Don’t leave it to chance or try doing it yourself- the cost to your business, if you get it wrong, will be HUGE! Utilise an Independent Outsourced Recruitment Business Partner and experience the difference while saving time and money! If you need some help with your staffing needs or workforce strategies, please get in touch.