Navigating through Digital Disruption

In this era of digital disruption, an Independent recruitment consultant can utilise the latest tech to find top talent, to build successful teams, and generate value.

Digital Disruption is the creation, implementation and operation of new best practices and business models, enabled by digital technologies, the speed and agility at which an organisation adapts to these changes is the key to their future.

We have seen some massive advances in technology over the past 20 years, with the tech industry forging ahead in leaps and bounds at an incredible speed. So much so that computers that once filled the entire space in large offices, are now pocket-sized touchscreen dual-purpose phone/computers, or who could forget the old beep beep sounds of your dial-up internet, now fast forward to the highspeed broadband of today.

Tech Influences on the Recruitment Industry

This same time period has also seen massive changes to the recruitment industry, with many of the traditional recruiting methods replaced with new digital technology enhancements.

The rise of jobseeker sites like Seek, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have all played a key role in this transition, and given freelancers the opportunity to search for more flexible contracting experiences.

These advances reduce the cost & time it takes to hire a candidate while also improving the quality of the new hire. Not only that, but new software has given independent recruiters the ability to build a high-calibre database of candidate resumes, with just the click of a button job ads can be posted across multiple sites, and scheduling interviews is now also a digitally managed task.

Digital Assessment of Hard & Soft Skills

With independent recruitment consultants at the forefront of this change in approach, they have adapted their modules and now more than ever they can provide the best candidates to recommend to employers, increasing the pool of potential candidates to ensure your selection includes cultural fit; ability; drive & knowledge.

In a world where CVs are available everywhere on the internet, they add value and insight to the identification of singularly viable candidates. Work which is founded on a comprehensive, disciplined approach that ensures finding suitable candidates who match above and beyond your technical requirements. Even under time pressure, it is important to determine the soft skills in potential hires to ensure they align with that of your organisation.

Using Technology in Virtual Recruiting

Even before COVID-19 there has been a growing trend towards utilising new technology through all the stages of the recruitment process. Increased capabilities in AI Technology has streamlined systems, searching and ranking identified candidates in a list, optimising the entire hiring process, allowing independent recruiters to quickly find and recommend only the best talent.

The experience of an independent is in invaluable, from understanding where your ideal candidate is likely to be found and identifying them from a pool of exceptional talent, to tapping into their own network and industry connections for referrals and recommendations. This highly customised research using the latest technology identifies candidates who are the ideal fit, both culturally and skills-based.

The most Cost-efficient and Effective way to Manage your Staffing and Workforce needs

It stands today truer than ever that an independent consultant is the most cost-efficient and effective way to manage your staffing and workforce needs. This is clearly evident in the trends we saw prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, where Australia accounted for a quarter of the Asia Pacific consulting market, with the Australian consulting industry’s growth rate increasing at its fastest rate in many years. Influenced by strong demand and a steady economy, the industry saw growth levels over 2.5 times that of the national growth rate of 2.8%.

Our work is founded on a comprehensive, disciplined approach, using our high-calibre database, ensures finding suitable candidates who match above and beyond your technical requirements. Our ability to deliver diverse shortlists through a wide-ranging candidate network, enables us to respond with a rapid and deep understanding of your needs.

Hiring an independent recruitment consultant offers increased value for money for our clients, whilst ensuring a high-quality hiring experience for our clients and candidates

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