There are many fantastic benefits to remote working for employers and employees, but this can also bring up many challenges, especially when the change is implemented suddenly.There are many fantastic benefits to remote working for employers and employees, but this can also bring up many challenges, especially when the change is implemented suddenly.• Technology Issues. Ensure your employees have the tech they need and have support to fix issues as they arise.

  • Ensuring your employees stay available to your clients and are flexible with them during this time.
  • Creating a clear distinction between work and home. It is important for everyone to be able to walk away at the end of the day.
  • Equally important you need to set clear guidelines with loved ones about your availability to them during office hours.
  • Communication with people based in various locations and working remotely, sometimes different hours can affect communication. If you are not already now is the time to get the team onboard with SLACK or TRELLO, which are both free digital workflow and task management platforms.
  • Isolation – check in with your colleagues and manager and staff regularly. It is important to support employees and their wellbeing throughout this period.
  • Some employees may not work efficiently without supervision, it is important that these employees are set clear deadlines and expectations around their time management. There are some fantastic free or affordable time management software programs like clockify out there.

Keeping a remote team cohesive

  • Communication is key. I can’t stress this one enough, In addition to implementing one of the digital platforms I mention above for communication, use some real-time tech like skype, zoom or even just the phone to create a personal touch.
  • Establish Regular team catch-ups. Whether it be a daily morning check-in meeting or a shared regular working lunch.
  • Clearly define expectations and check-in personally with your employees, confirm they understand expectations around availability, output and deadlines. 

Increased demand

Most organisations are constantly undergoing change, so even if it is not planned structural changes (the bushfires and COVID-19 outbreak are perfect examples), your organisation needs to be able to respond and adapt to the changing marketplaces in which it operates.

Perhaps you had to pivot or make big changes for your business in these uncertain times, or your business is one who is facing increased demand, with the need to hire new staff quickly to match demand. Each of these issues comes with its own set of challenges and you don’t have the time or money to get it wrong.

Quick Hiring

If you need to hire new staff quickly to adapt to changes in demand on your business, the speed at which you hire can affect the quality of staff.

Our work is founded on a comprehensive, disciplined approach, using our high-calibre database, ensures we find suitable candidates who match above and beyond your technical requirements. Our ability to deliver diverse shortlists through a wide-ranging candidate network, enables us to respond with a rapid and deep understanding of your needs.

Hiring an independent recruitment consultant offers better value for money for our clients, whilst ensuring only a high quality of staff will be hired.