This is the most commonly asked question I receive when talking about what I do! And it’s also really important to recognise the difference. In fact many of you may not even realise that people like me even exist.

So I thought I’d give you the low down on how an Independent Talent Acquisition Business Partner can completely redefine how you handle recruitment in your organisation or business!

Generally, companies have two options when it comes to recruiting new team members.

  1. They place an ad on Seek and handle the entire process themselves.
  2. They engage the services of a large Recruitment Agency to advertise and send them an appropriate, vetted selection of candidates.

Option ONE is obviously very time consuming, often taking up precious time that you don’t have to spare. You literally have to sift through a large pile of applications (in some cases hundreds!) to try and sort out who might be most suitable – a process that can take days or weeks.

Option TWO cuts out a lot of your time, as the agency filter all the applicants and only send you through those who are the closest fit (but not always!). However often the consultants within agencies are handling multiple jobs at once, from multiple clients. They have huge KPI’s the achieve are massive budgets to reach. Therefore, their responses are slower and their attention is somewhat divided and YOU are definitely NOT their priority.

However! I am Option THREE ?

I am an Independent Talent Acquisition specialist who can provide you with my undivided attention and time to get you the result you need in the shortest time possible.

I can work with you and/or your team one on one, to ensure every single person you hire are absolutely perfect for the role that you hire them for.

And I get to know your company intimately! Which means long term, I can help you streamline your recruitment processes and forecast for any upcoming needs.

Plus, rather than hiring an inhouse full or part time Recruitment Consultant, you can use me on an as-needed basis, saving you a whole stack of money! You can think of me as your personal outsourced Talent Acquisition Business Partner!

The next question generally centres around the cost.

Unlike a traditional agency, I don’t charge commissions, just a flat fee. That way, it’s easier to see where you stand upfront and you can budget for the hire. Because my business relies on the success of what I do, I actually really do care about my clients and candidates.


Well, I have nearly 30 years experience in recruitment and always aim to create bespoke best practice recruitment processes tailored to each clients’ needs. This ensures I am attracting the VERY BEST TALENT available in the marketplace – not just any candidates who respond to a Seek ad!

If there is one thing I have learnt over the years, it’s how to match quality people with amazing job opportunities. Whilst I work with you and your company to ensure your staffing needs are met, I also ensure the needs of those I place into your roles are met too. Employee satisfaction is absolutely critical to maintain superior staff performance.

So not only do I get you good people, I can help you keep them and get the most out of them too! Due to my meticulous care in ensuring the perfect fit your company will benefit from happy staff who stay longer and perform better.

It will reduce your labour hire costs and enhance the overall performance and efficiency of your company. It will certainly create and maintain an excellent staff culture within your business – just the way it should be!

So hopefully you now have a clearer understanding of the difference engaging with an Independent Talent Acquisition Business Partner is and the benefit I make to your business bottom line and employee engagement.

Are you ready to take the stress, uncertainty and expense out of staff recruitment?

Get in touch today to discuss how I can help fuel the success of your business, with quality staff and a superior, personalised recruitment process.