An Independent Talent Acquisition Business Partner offers your business a flexible and cost-effective solution for all your staffing needs.

An independent consultant is dedicated to solving your recruitment challenges. Unlike a recruitment agency or in-house employee, they can deliver a personalised, hands-on service that is tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements but have you also considered the cost-saving this brings.

The in-house cost of hiring a new employee can be much higher than the price paid for advertising if you’re paying in-house recruiter salaries and benefits packages or paying other employees for recruiting activities that take them away from normal duties.

As independent consultants are not employees, the employers’ risk is reduced, there is no workers’ compensation to pay or if they are not performing the arrangement can easily be terminated. In addition, independents run their own business, which thrives on repeat work and repeat customers, so they go the extra mile for their clients.

In the current economic conditions, it makes more sense than ever, not only are you not responsible for paying a salary, superannuation, leave, and other benefits, but unseen cost savings such as office space, and technology are also made.

An independent talent consultant can quickly and efficiently find you, talented people, because they are immersed in that marketplace. Your own employees remain focused on their jobs rather than seeking new hires, which reduces the impact on company productivity. The process of sorting through resumes, calling references, and conducting background checks are all time-consuming jobs.

Independent consultants offer a pick and choose service, which means you can hire them to run the whole process for you, or you can pick and choose parts that suit you, providing further cost savings. These coupled with our pay by the hour service and no placement commissions, really add up quickly to significant dollar savings for your company. 

The consulting & recruitment journey doesn’t begin and end solely with finding talent and placing them in jobs. Our journey has far greater depths than this; as we are your outsourced talent business partner; we are a natural extension to your business and seamlessly transition in and out as required.

If you are finding it hard to attract, retain and recruit top talent, get in touch we can help