Building the RIGHT team is key to successfully growing and scaling a business. So, it stands to reason that investing in the best people you can possibly find, is a very smart move.

Which is why at Acquire Talent & Consulting I place a huge emphasis on attracting the very best people, who will effortlessly fit into your workplace culture and continue to drive your business forward.

How I locate the BEST talent

With years of experience, I’ve proudly built up a high-calibre database of quality candidates. My comprehensive and disciplined approach allows me to quickly match talent with the perfect positions and companies.

My extensive network of industry connections also allows for referrals and recommendations. As I’m able to work so closely with you and your team, I soon get a feel for the types of personalities that will fit within your organisation, and those who have the skills you need to succeed.

A hassle-free process

Once I’ve gathered a selection of ‘close-fits’ for the role you’re recruiting for, I perform rigorous investigations to determine those who have the strongest potential.

Only the top few get presented to you and your team to interview, to save you from a lengthy process. I then step you through the selection process to ensure you find the perfect new team member.

No setting nor forgetting

You’ve found a perfect match and your position is now filled. However, my involvement doesn’t stop there.

As your new employee is settling in and finding their feet, I make sure I check back in with both them and you to ensure everyone is happy.

Cultivating the right culture

In any workplace, culture is important! Employee satisfaction will determine how long they choose to stay with you and determine how well they perform on both a daily basis and longer term.

This is why I am do very dedicated to ensuring any new candidates will fit into your current culture for a smooth transition. I can also provide you with advice on how to take the very best care of your staff to prevent unsatisfactory performance or any other undesirable human resource headaches.

Happy Staff = Happy Team = Culture of Success = Better Performance For Your Business!