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This is recruitment as you’ve never seen it before! We have re-engineered how recruitment services are delivered… and more importantly, how they are charged. Work with us, and you only pay for the time is takes our highly experienced Director to identify, engage and attract the very best employees for your business. You control the costs, and we manage the process on your behalf, freeing up valuable time you would otherwise spend liaising with recruitment agencies or trying to do it yourself.

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Forget the agency numbers game. Recruitment should be a personalised and flexible service geared to precisely what you need. At Acquire Talent Consulting, that is exactly what it is.

We get it. We have seen too many businesses fed up with spending and losing; small fortunes on an agency promise. So, we changed the game with on-demand recruitment services at an affordable hourly rate. No more costly lock-in contracts. Hire the right person, at the right time, for the right price; with on-call access to a smart, seasoned talent acquisition specialist whenever you need.


Do you want total control of your recruitment budget?
We are now offering 10 and 20 hour blocks of recruitment consulting at a reduced cost to help you save even more!

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5 reasons to choose us

  1. Lower costs – Our specialist recruitment model consistently out-performs “agency” competitors. Yet wait for it – our services are consistently up to 85% cheaper than using a traditional recruitment agency.

  3. Save time – We move fast, drawing on our extensive industry expertise and pool of available candidates to deliver the best-possible fit in the shortest timeframe.

  5. Better quality candidates – We have a constant stream of candidates available which allows for an improved fit – as opposed to a hiring manager who may only search for candidates as and when a job needs to be filled.

  7. Scalability – We can scale our recruitment services up or down to suit your changing needs. Our nimble team can flex with your business – working with you through peaks and troughs.

  9. Stakeholder engagement – We enhance hiring manager and senior leadership engagement through time spent in your business. The quality of hires and the efficiency of the recruitment process leads to high levels of employee satisfaction.


Kerrie proved to be one of the most reliable, knowledgeable and skilled HR professionals I have known. She is results – oriented and focussed on providing the best possible candidate for the role, be it a highly specialised or support position. I have found Kerrie easy to talk to, quick to understand the challenges of the industry and ready to apply herself to ensure the success of any given recruitment campaign.

Alina Caballero, Head of Channel Marketing, Commonwealth Bank

Dealing with Kerrie was always easy and comfortable. While I was starting a new role, in a new region within a completely different market dynamic, one thing I didn’t have to worry about was the recruitment of good staff and a solid pipeline of candidates. Kerrie understood our needs and the complex dynamic of our team, which is why we were able to get our team up to a great standard within 9 months. Highly recommend Kerrie as a genuine business partner.

Sasa Ivkovic, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, Hanson Construction Materials

Kerrie was able to quickly adapt to the organisation’s culture and build effective working relationships with key stakeholders and team members. Kerrie was tasked with managing large scale recruitment drives for 2 flagship government programs we had recently won, sourcing various roles including senior management, which she undertook and completed successfully. I’ve found her honest no-nonsense approach, sense of humour and personality refreshing and have enjoyed working with Kerrie.”

Prashanth Sreetharan, Quality Manager, Datacom

Kerrie was fantastic at matching my skill and job requirements with a role. Kerrie has a great network which she can leverage which is no surprise considering her confident and friendly personality

John Procajlo, Candidate

Kerrie was very helpful from the start & whether it be through my interviews or during my on-boarding process was always more than happy to assist if there were any issues or misunderstandings. She made me feel as a valued member of the team I was entering & kept my mind at ease through the uncertain times when beginning a new career

Michael Campbell, Candidate

I approached Kerrie as I was unhappy in my current work environment and I gave her some pretty specific requirements on what type of work environment I was looking for and within a day Kerrie had organised an interview with what turned out to be the happiest place I have worked in years and suited me to a T. From the start to finish it has been an absolute ease and pleasure to have Kerrie helping me to find the perfect job and I would recommend her to anyone.

Reece Cole, Candidate

Kerrie has an amazing work ethic, she is passionate about what she does and she regularly manages to go above and beyond what is asked of her. A natural in recruitment, is genuinely interested in people and a joy to work with.

Elizabeth Wallace, Learning and Development Manager, Harbour City Ferries

Kerrie reached out to me through LinkedIn as I was open for opportunities. Kerrie was so easy to talk to and was very informative throughout the whole interview process. I felt as though Kerrie hit the clients brief to change the team’s culture as when I started along with 3 others, we all got along very well, and started kicking goals straight away. I would recommend Kerrie & Acquire Talent to anyone looking for new candidates for any position.

Matthew Guarrera, Candidate

Kerrie did a great job of staff recruitment for us. Her efficient and diligent work ensured that we were presented with the best applicants with no time wasters. A stressful process was made much easier thanks to her experience and judgement. Her down to earth and practical advice and assistance was much appreciated.

Graeme Heckenberg, Principal, Heckenberg Lawyers

Kerrie Driver seeks to immerse herself in the culture before interviewing a single candidate and continues her role through the critical acclimatisation phase of new employee getting to know the business and the hiring manager getting to know the new candidate. This in my experience is invaluable, she truly supports the process end to end and is not afraid of providing constructive feedback to achieve everyone goal. Performing employee’s, who love coming to work.

Josh Loretan, General Manager, NHS

Kerrie has impressive resume writing expertise and can understand your skills, experience and achievements, pen them to paper in a professional manner and align them with your career goals. Kerrie took my old style, boring resume and turned it into a resume encompassing a clean and modern design.

Lana Christie, Candidate

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